The important work of making kids TV is proceeding

RG2In May and June, evaluations began with the edited programs of Rafiki Gereji 2! We see season two grow program after program, and of 
course it is a challenge, and a lot of things that can be corrected 
in such a faceted production and it's very educational to all of us.
But we are really happy with the team. We see that the quality has 
been raised a lot and the content is filled with important topics 
that really concerns. Many guests have passed Mzees, house 
during the season and many important studying visits have been made 
by Happy or Steven. Song and music take place and we also get to knowthe children's important thoughts in each section! Both from the DBS-group of children who visit weekly in the discovery group but 
occasionally there are important truths from the children in the 
Mwanza Children's Parliament that we drove through Serengeti last 
year to record. Speaking of driving, now we can drive around and 
advertise Rafiki Gereji and!


As soon as this production is approaching finalizing, we have some 
new programs that we have started to produce. And we are really 
looking forward for new adventures!

Without going into details, these clues give a taste of whats in the pipeline:
A curious frog that look into the kids future, adventure camps and 
competitions with maasai children, children at a rehabilitation 
center share their stories, recording Sunday school lessons, 
music magazine and so on... 
And then we have "Pamela na wanyama" ("Pamela and the animals")! 
We have done a pilotprogram with Pamela, a program about the 
elephant. And have begun with the Rhino, the giraffe, lion etc. 
The idea is that as many as possible of all the impressive animals onthe savannah will get a program each, where the hand puppet Pamela 
takes us out to the wilderness and meet one animal at the time to 
learn everything about our amazing nature!
We have filmed in many of the national parks. This is possible 
through the help of Tanzania's nature conservation department, Tanapaand also the Ngorongoro conservation authority. 


The recordings in the national parks are still going on. We have 
really been experiencing adventures, such as floods and close contactwith rhinoceros. But we feel that we have so many people praying for HMMkidztv we don't need to be afraid. We have captured amazing 
pictures of lion cubs who eat, others who play and even those who areeating from the lion mom! We have been accompanied by a ranger, Moiniwho with enthusiasm showed us to distant and publicly unavailable  
places to film the extinct rhino and much more. And even other 
experts have put up with their profession, and told us all the 
details about animals and nature, which is so important that childrenin Tanzania  and Eastern Africa can learn, in order to feel it's 
their country, nature and animals. And we all have a responsibility 
to preserve and protect the amazing creation! Take a look at this 
little mobile film from Ndutu on the way from Serengeti. 
Can easily be mistaken for Everglades.

 Look here!

We are now pleased to announce that the cool, stylish and very 
creative Sunday school material, that Maria Utbult, has taken a greatload to help us develop, now is ready, both in Swahili and English!
At the time of writing, she is with some of our Tanzanian colleagues in Dodoma and presents the material at FPCT, Pentecostal Church in 
Tanzania's annual meeting and annual pastors conference. A perfect 
opportunity to tell and start selling the material.

Blessings to all!


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